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Versatile Bollinger Band Cascade

Welcome to the “Versatile Bollinger Band Cascade” strategy, an advanced and adaptive trading system designed to elevate your trading experience. Unlike traditional Bollinger Bands strategies, our approach integrates unique features and customization options that make it stand out in the crowded world of trading algorithms. Check the video on how it can be used.
Type: Instruments: , ,
Symbols: Example is SOL/USDT, any chart will work depends on your settings
Timeframes: I use on daily timeframe for breakouts
Winrate: 43 %
Profit Factor: 7.6

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1. **Bollinger Bands with Customization:**
– Adjust the Bollinger Bands length and standard deviation (StdDev) to suit various market conditions and instruments. This flexibility ensures that you can tailor the strategy to match your trading style and market environment.
– Utilize the offset feature to shift the Bollinger Bands and optimize entry points, helping you avoid late exits and enhance your trading precision.

2. **Comprehensive Trade Direction Options:**
– Choose to trade long only, short only, or both directions, giving you full control over your trading strategy. This adaptability is ideal for traders looking to capitalize on different market trends and conditions.

3. **Volume Integration:**
– Our strategy incorporates a powerful volume filter that acts as a conditional trigger for trades. You can toggle this feature on or off, depending on your preference. When enabled, trades are executed only when the volume crosses the average of a specified number of bars, ensuring that you are trading in high-liquidity environments.

4. **Advanced Entry and Exit Conditions:**
– Customize your entry and exit conditions with multiple options, including crossing the lower band, upper band, basis, and midpoints. This dual condition setup allows for robust trade management and precise control over your trading signals.
– Use the double exit condition feature to add an extra layer of confirmation for your exit signals, providing greater reliability and reducing the risk of premature exits.

5. **Risk Management with Stop Loss and Take Profit:**
– Activate stop loss and take profit levels to manage your risk effectively. These settings are fully customizable, allowing you to set percentage values based on your risk tolerance and trading strategy.

6. **User-Friendly Interface:**
– With built-in tooltips for every input, you won’t get lost while setting up the strategy. Each parameter is explained in detail, ensuring that you can make informed adjustments to optimize performance.

**Why Choose Versatile Bollinger Band Cascade?**

This strategy is not just another Bollinger Bands approach. It offers a sophisticated blend of flexibility, customization, and robust risk management features. Whether you are a trend trader, a scalper, or someone who prefers breakouts, the Versatile Bollinger Band Cascade strategy provides the tools you need to succeed in various market conditions.

**Getting Started:**

To help you get the most out of this strategy, we’ve created a comprehensive video guide that walks you through every feature and setup step. Watch the video and see how you can customize and deploy the strategy to match your trading goals.

**Try the Versatile Bollinger Band Cascade Strategy Today!**

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“Best” is really subjective and depends on your own trading style.

But in terms of profit the “Relative Strength Trend Strategy” is the most profitable right now.

If you like to trade specific markets and instruments, we have especially optimized strategies for that:

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When you want to change the currency it can come to an error of the script. This happens because some of our strategies use the initial capital to calculate order size (to be more profitable, have less drawdowns and let you set your own risk level), but this changes the value of the ratio between risk multiplier and initial capital and can result in an error.

But here is the solution to it:

  • Change your risk multiplier to more suitable level for your currency value to get it back in the right ratio. (For IDR for example set it to around 0.07)
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Don’t worry, this is also easy to fix!

Choose the correct instrument, timeframe and settings for your strategy. You find all information on the details page of the strategy on

If you change the settings, like the initial capital or currency it can also create an error: Please adjust it correctly by using more initial capital and/or in-/decrease your risk multiplier (For example for IDR try 0.07)

Here is a video tutorial on how to change currency and get rid of errors

Of course not. All strategies are deeply backtested to make sure they are non repainting, giving real time alerts and signals and have build in risk management, so you can just focus on trading and don’t need to worry about any technical stuff.

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