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How to create TradingView indicators & strategies in Pine Script (and sell them)

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Earning money with trading indicators and strategies on is easier than you think

When you are able to create profitable, unique trading indicators or strategies you can earn good money – Even when markets go down. People are willing to invest a fair amount for indicators or strategies that really work. And it’s way easier than you think!

On this page you will learn how to create trading indicators and strategies in TradingView’s Pine script, how to get better, find profitable indicators/strategies and sell them on our marketplace 

You don't (necessarily) need to learn to code in pine script

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How to create scripts in a code language that you don’t know? Ever heard of AI? ChatGPT? Of course you have! makes sense right?

ChatGPT is able to create scripts in Pine script just with a prompt. Just type for example “create a strategy in pine v5 that opens a long position when an sma 50 crosses above an sma 100. Close the positions when the sma 50 crosses below the sma 100.” and GPT will give you the exact code in Pine script.

Now you just need to copy the code, paste it into TradingView’s Pine editor and test the strategy. 

In TradingView you can backtest strategies automatically and (indicators) manually.

Over time you get better and with the help of GPT you can create and test more and more ideas, refine your scripts, increase results and then sell them if they work profitable.

How to create scripts

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1. Go to ChatGPT

You can use it for free, but the premium version is way better. It’s up to you if you want to use the free or premium model. 

Start with an idea: What could be a profitable strategy? Get some inspiration by researching or watch some videos on youtube. You can also check the free trading indicators and strategies on TradingView. It’s also possible to combine them!

Then type in your prompt. I would start like this: “Create an [indicator/strategy] in pine v5… Provide full code”.

2. Debug your trading indicator/strategy

Now go to TradingView. Copy the code and paste it into TradingView‘s Pine editor and save it.

You can use TradingView for free, but with paid models you have more possibilities, like adding more indicators, use long term backtesting, etc.

It’s up to you, but if you want to be serious we recommend to use the paid version, because we test and verify each trading indicator and strategy with longterm backtesting to make sure they work as promised.

Back to business:

If the code is functional and correct it saves it. If it has errors you will get a message in the console. Copy the error message and give GPT the feedback, so it can adjust the code.

You have to do this step for a while until the code works properly and has no more errors. But the work is worth it!

If the Pine script is working, you can add it to your chart.

3. Test more ideas and refine your scripts

When the indicator/strategy is added you can test how good it works on different symbols and timeframes. Backtest it manually with the long and short position tool or automatically (just works with strategies) with the strategy tester. (Longterm backtesting only works with TradingView’s pro version)

Try different settings and combine more indicators to find a unique and profitable trading indicator/strategy that gives good entry and exit signals.

When you keep going you will come up with better and better scripts. And with enough work and time you are ready to sell your own trading indicators and strategies.

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Start now: Go to ChatGPT, open TradingView and start finding your profitable indicators and strategies!

And when you are ready, you can sell them on our marketplace. Become a seller here.

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